About Us

At Smile More Dental Clinic, we provide a wide range of premium and world-class dental services in a comfortable environment, with the goal of making the result of the dental treatment satisfactory and lasting.

We value patients’ demands, understand each ones’ dental problem, and carefully listen to their individual situation. Then we plan for the course of action considering the best available solution, with the goal of making them leave the clinic, smiling more!

Backed up by years of clinical experience, the latest available technology and track record of continuously serving patients in the Philippines and those across the globe, we continue to adhere to the core of our practice — that is to do the best possible care to our patients and to keep them loyal to our practice!

Meet the Dentist

Dr. Richard F. Liao

Principal Dentist
Dr. Richard F. Liao obtained his Doctor of Dental Medicine degree in April 1995 from Centro Escolar University in Manila, Philippines. He passed the licensure exams for dentistry, which he took a month after his college graduation.  He first worked as an Associate Dentist in established dental practice and worked in an industrial clinic, honing his management, skills, proficiency, and confidence in handling dentistry cases.

He started his private clinic back in 1997 in Sta. Cruz, Manila, and began affiliation from most health insurance in the country, catering to vast numbers of patients from different industries. He broadened dealings with customers with enterprise health benefits, ranging from employees to company employers, staff to managers, and extended dependents, and so on. He handled many cases from simple to complicated restorative, prosthodontics, and surgical dentistry cases that make him a seasoned dental practitioner. Countless satisfied patients from the Philippines and abroad leave his clinic with a smile on their faces and are happy with the treatment result.

Dr. Liao also received mastery training for orthodontics (dental braces) and has since then completed hundreds of successful cases. While doing his private practice, he continuously took continuing education and upgraded his knowledge to nurture his skills while serving the growing number of patients.  Regularly attending seminars, lectures, and conventions in the Philippines and abroad is what Dr. Liao passionately does. He is a member of the Philippine Dental Association and Manila Dental Society.

In 2006, Dr. Liao successfully passed the American Dental Board Exams that he took in San Francisco, California, U.S.A., furthering his credentials. In spite of that, he decided to discontinue onward pursuit towards state licensing for a reason close to his heart. He opted not to leave his private clinic in Manila because of his thriving practice and increasing numbers of returning clientele.

Moreover, he has trained in Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry, intending to upgrade his areas of expertise to be a well-rounded dentist, offering services to patients desiring to achieve aesthetics enhancement, personality improvement, and restoration of diminished chewing functionality. Dr. Liao has always been efficient and practical in his treatment planning and approach. He wanted to perform dental treatments with high predictability of outcome and longevity of the result.  Many patients from the Philippines and various countries sought Dr. Liao’s dental expertise, and they only have a pleasant buzz about his dental services.

The 2019’s Best Dentist Award that he accepted is of valued significance because the granting committee noticed the meaningful contribution he has ingrained in the dentistry niche through his commendable services.

Clinic Staff

Shericka B.

Front-Desk Officer

Ms. Sheh is the staff in-charge of taking the phone calls, handling patient appointments,  and the front-desk patient relation officer.

She finished her college degree at Technological University of the Phils. She tried previous employment experiences in other industries before setting her feet in the dental scene. For the few years that she has been a part of the team, Sheh had mastered the paper works and clinic time management to maintain a steady and relaxed pace of service.  Sheh is the team member to be approached on scheduling concerns to enable you to get a confirmed appointment.

When she got free time, Sheh is fond of mountaineering, hiking, and meeting with her close friends.

Rose J.

Clinic Manager

Ms. Rose oversees the clinic operation, ensuring that staff is instructed well about the directives and performance of their duties. Ms. Rose received her certificate for Pharmacy Aid  from National University in 1994.

She also assists Ms. Sheh in securing patients’ health insurance authorizations and approval from their respective memberships.

She manages clinic supplies inventories and prepares staff coffee break foodstuff. She handles the employees’ benefits and assumes business representation and compliance in the government agencies, making sure that our clinic is fully conforming with directives for a hassle-free endeavor.

She takes care of the teeth moldings and cast impressions and forward them to the technician for prosthesis fabrication.

Ms. Rose loves to watch local TV series, food trips, and traveling.

Best Dental Clinic

Michelle D.

Chair-side Assistant

Ms. Michelle is the chair-side assistant of the dentist. She takes part in most clinical procedures having the knack to get dentists’ instructions and envisage the dentist’s upcoming steps.  Her duties also include providing the needed instruments and materials required. She is also the one in-charge of cleaning and sterilization of dental instruments. She makes sure that the treatment area is cleaned and sanitized well. Listening to her favorite OPM music makes her mood lifted, while she has shallow tears when watching local drama series.

Joan R.

Clinic Aid

Ms. Joan is the latest addition to our team. She usually assists the dentist on most health card patients’ treatment. She sets up the treatment area, so the handling of patients is easier done. She makes sure her site is thoroughly sanitized for a clean feel.  She loves connecting with her friends through social media.