It has been our goal to provide accessible dental health care to most patients. Being one of HMO’s (Health Maintenance Organization) accredited providers makes us a forefront for delivering care to working-class or employed individuals and their beneficiaries. We strive to cater to patients with health cards and make available their dental benefits in our clinic.

We recommend those who are availing their health card’s dental benefits to contact our clinic’s hotline at 8 6429761 (Landline) or  0905-3350118 (Cellphone) for scheduling concerns. Please be advised that we will assist with inquiries about health card benefits and schedules through the hotline.

When using the health card (Insurance), we encourage patients to avail their dental care benefit by appointment. We ask you always to contact us to avoid inconvenience. We ask for your patience and understanding if a short noticed request may not always be available. Patients who have earlier secure their schedule are guaranteed the reserved appointment.

Emergency Consultation can be arranged soon, depending on our dentists’ availability.

Please call or text us during clinic hours (Mondays to Saturdays) (10:30 am to 7:00 pm). Inquiries or calls done beyond our clinic hours shall be replied to on the next business day. Before calling us, please take a further look at the F A Q s  below. You might find the answer to your specific question there.

We do not have all the answers to your questions since we are mainly your dental care provider and not the insurance company itself. Please direct your questions to your HMO’s via their hotlines or customer care numbers.

We accept most HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) Cards. Refer to the list below:


Do you accept walk-in patients with health cards?
NO, we DO NOT accept walk-in patients since we recognize the importance of seeing patients by appointment. Through this, we can prepare for organized and unhurried work.
I have a dental emergency; what will I do to find assistance?
You can call the hotline so the person-in-charge can arrange a priority schedule depending on the dentists’ availability. Contact landline + 632 8 2543773 or cellphone number +63905-3350118 for urgent needs. Be sure to contact us during clinic hours only.
What is the average turnaround for getting a confirmed schedule?
Due to increased demand and the high volume of availing patients (with health cards), we can provide a schedule within 3 to 4 weeks of waiting. We ask for your understanding since we make our most effort to address the rising numbers of patients looking for our dental services. If you cannot delay your dental treatment, we suggest you look for another accredited dentist nearby.
What do I need to show when availing of dental services?
Bring with you the valid, unexpired HMO Card. Be sure to present a government-issued ID, company ID, or acceptable identification card to help us verify your entitlement to the issued health card.
What are the dental services covered?
The usual benefits included are consultation, basic dental cleaning, simple (uncomplicated) dental extractions, temporary fillings, and other dental services covered under your company’s exclusive agreement with the HMO. There are instances when two permanent dental fillings are included. To verify the dental benefits you are entitled to, you can ask your HR (Human Resource) Dept. or contact the HMO’s Customer Service Hotline, found in your health card.
Why do I need to accomplish and sign claim forms?
For the insurance to pay us, we need you to fill up and sign claim forms to send them to HMOs for payment processing. Incomplete form means no payment. Since you are using a health card, you have to follow the condition.
I want to receive other dental services. Can I use my health card to cover them?
Unfortunately, NO. We abide by the agreement we have with the HMOs. Besides, we can not provide services NOT included in your benefit lists. However, you can shoulder the expense of the dental services you want to receive beyond your prescribed dental benefits. After all, having your dental problems fixed can save you future trouble and expense.
I want to get a dental appointment on a specific date because I am available only on my day-off, or I do not wish to absent from work?
Practically, if you call ahead of time, there is a greater chance that you can get your preferred schedule. We suggest you arrange your appointment with our dentists. That is your responsibility to yourself — to make sure your dental health is on your priority list.
I am aware that my health card's limit is huge, so why can't I maximize the use in your clinic?
Health cards are mainly designed to cover most medical consultations, routine diagnostics, emergency, outpatient, and in-patient benefits, etc. They are intended for previously mentioned essentials; since dental services are not the main feature and are primarily elective or benefit riders, expect some limitations on using them.
Why my tooth extraction is not covered?
Not all dental extractions are easy. There is tooth removal that requires complex technique and operation. Only simple dental extraction is typically covered unless your company has additional benefits stated.
I want to use my dental fillings on a tooth that has a big tooth cavity; why the dentist refused to do so?
It could either be that dentist diagnosed that such tooth is non-restorable due to extensive decay. Repairing as opposed to what the dentist suggested can do you no good. There can be appropriate management or solution to tackle the tooth problem. As much as possible, we want to offer comfortable and predictable solutions.
My dentist suggested dental treatment during a dental examination. Can I refuse to get them?
Absolutely. We always inform our patients before doing any dental services. That is why you need to sign the form regarding your receiving of the dental treatment.
I am not sure of keeping the schedule, but I plan to call the clinic and enlist my name for the advance schedule. If I can not make it, I will make an excuse in the future.
We advise you to book a schedule that you are sure you can make it. If not, call us ahead. Please consider our policy so that we can make available the vacated slot for other willing patients.
I have seen other patients treated right away. Why am I to wait longer and need to queue?
Despite giving you a time slot, some delays can happen. It would be best to recognize that you will be using your health card (HMO), unlike other patients who probably do not need some coverage verifications as you do. We need to get approval from the HMO company to avail of your dental services in our clinic. Without doing this validation, they might render the dental claims invalid. We might be refused reimbursement for the services done. Just like when you are going to the hospitals and consult with other physicians, you have to be sensible and forbearing. It would be best to wait as we contact the HMO hotline since they are not always accessible. Please cooperate with the clinic staff who are helping you facilitate your health card usage.
Why am I being charged for PPE and Infection Control?
The current pandemic situation resulted in heightened clinic’s disinfection and protection measures. This involves additional cost on our clinic operation. Most HMO’s has not allotted extra budget for this unexpected health crisis. That is why we need to pass along the cost to patients with or without HMO cards.

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Note: for Insurance or HMO Card Holders: Please contact us through Landline or Cellphone numbers above. We apologize that we can NOT reply for inquiries related to appointment request and concerns about your health card through our contact form, due to high demand. Read the FAQ’s above since they may have the answer to your specific question.

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