An Award-Winning Dental
Clinic in Manila

Smile Without Limits!

An Award Winning Dental
Clinic in Manila

Smile Without Limits!

An Award Winning Dental
Clinic in Manila

Smile Without Limits!

An Award Winning Dental
Clinic in Manila

Smile Without Limits!

Manila’s Best Dental Clinic At Your Service!

At Smile More Dental Clinic, our heartfelt commitment is to guide patients toward achieving confident and appealing smiles. As the leading dental clinic in Ermita, Manila, we provide extensive dental services designed to cater to patients of all ages.

Experience Exceptional Dental Excellence!

Our dental clinic delivers top-tier dental solutions tailored to the unique needs of every client.  We provide extensive treatments, including Zirconia, E-max, Porcelain Dental Crowns, Bridges, Veneers, Teeth Whitening, Smile Design, and Hollywood Smile.

Our team of highly skilled professionals wholeheartedly strives to achieve the best results for our cherished patients. We employ the latest dental technology to guarantee our customers receive unparalleled care.


The Premier Dental Destination for Manila and Beyond

We take pride in being the favored dentist for patients in Manila and adjacent areas, including Makati, Mandaluyong, Pasay, Paranaque, Taguig, Caloocan, and Quezon City. We’re also the trusted choice of Bulacan, Batangas, Cavite, Laguna, Pampanga, and Rizal residents seeking cost-effective, top-quality dental care.

Complete Dental Care Solutions

Smile More Dental Clinic provides comprehensive dental solutions covering General, Cosmetic, and Implant dentistry. Our offerings encompass Prophylaxis, Fillings, Preventive Dental Care, Root Canal Treatment, Gum Treatment, Braces, Tooth Extractions, Wisdom Teeth Surgery, and Dentures.

We’re a family-focused dental clinic, not a corporate machine. We treat our patients as cherished family members.

Globally Acclaimed Dental Care

Our clinic’s celebrated exceptional dental treatments in the Philippines entice patients worldwide. Tourists from Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and various Asian countries favor our clinic for comprehensive dental services. You should expect efficient and attentive care from our expert dentists.

Our clinic is a global magnet for outstanding dental care in the Philippines. Patients spanning Europe, the Middle East, South America, the United States, and Canada arrive with high hopes for remarkable treatment.

Patients who visit our clinic can expect efficient assistance and care from our skilled dentists. They can enjoy their holiday and receive extensive dental treatment in the Philippines without trouble.


Oral Health is Important to your Well-Being!

Understanding that your oral health is interconnected with the rest of your body is essential. And for you to maintain good health overall, it is vital to practice proper oral care.

Thank you for looking for a dentist near you. How did you find us? Did you search online, or were you referred by one of our satisfied patients? We’d love to hear about your experience with our dental services.

Thank you for choosing our practice. We hope you have an enjoyable visit and leave with a smile.


Secure Your Appointment In Advance

We are deeply devoted to ensuring each patient receives the best care and attention they deserve.

To ensure you have a dental appointment, please get in touch with us ahead of time. Due to our commitment to personalized care, our schedule fills rapidly, and last-minute bookings may be limited.

We eagerly welcome new patients and are committed to providing exceptional dental care to all who grace our clinic—anticipating the pleasure of serving you and helping you attain your dream smile!


Best Dental Clinic in the Philippines
Best Dental Clinic in the Philippines

Featured Services

Dental Cleaning

Professional Teeth Cleaning is essential for your oral health maintenance. We recommend that you do it twice a year or as recommended by the dentist. If you neglect to have your teeth cleaned, you can let tooth decay and gum disease happen.

Dental Filling

Fillings are teeth restorations used for superficial and not so invasive dental decay. They can help keep your teeth in good shape if done correctly. Do not let the tooth decay engulf the tooth’s hard body

Dental Crowns

Commonly known as “Dental Caps,” they are restorations recommended for badly decayed teeth, damaged, discolored, and superior choice compared to dental fillings that can not usually fix huge decays.

Fixed Bridges

Fixed Bridges replace missing teeth by connecting the artificial tooth (pontic) between two or more supporting teeth. Since they are cemented in place, you will be relieved of the uneasiness encountered with removable dentures that can displace or pop out.


Dental Veneers are great solutions if you have discolored, uneven, misshaped, chipped, or gapped teeth. Veneers are custom-crafted thin shells made to conceal the undesirable appearance of your teeth. They are classically shaped desirable to make your smile shine. 


Dentures are detachable artificial teeth linked with acrylic (plastic), rubber, and metal as their connector or palate. When you have more than one or missing teeth or gap in your mouth, a Removable Denture is what you can demand. But if all your teeth are gone, a Complete Dentures is the other thing you may want.

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