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Zirconia Crowns

If you happen to have a badly decayed tooth, or are constantly annoyed by food getting trapped on a tooth hole, or have a huge dental filling that you felt deficient and unsound — these are instances that you might need a dental crown. Other happenings leading you to seek dental help are when you think that these are taking a toll on your daily life’s comfort and affecting how you present yourself by the unappealing smile. Then you could be looking for a dental crown.

Dental caps or dental crowns are kinds of teeth restorations put on top of damaged teeth, so they can be restored, protected, and covered to look like before or even better. They cover and envelop the entire tooth crown. They are the durable and best alternative to dental fillings when the latter cannot fix the tooth. Dental Fillings work best if there is a sufficient tooth structure to hold and support the filling material in place. However, as the teeth damage becomes severe, we shift the choice of restoration to dental crowns.

Likewise, we can use a dental crown to restore a tooth after root canal therapy and to put into function a dental implant ultimately.

At Smile More Dental Clinic, Manila, our dentists are skilled in these dental restorative services. We have the artistic proficiency in delivering esthetically attractive outcomes, as well as resuming to function your damaged tooth. We can make this new restoration seamlessly blend with your natural teeth. We can turn them fully functional and strong enough so you can use them for biting and chewing foods.

Dental Crowns Benefits

With time, your teeth can get damaged. We mostly encounter them due to different issues. The most common are tooth decay, recurrent decay, tooth injuries or cracks, malformed tooth, and simply an aging tooth. If these occur, teeth can lose the desired size, shape, form, and function. If not restored with a correct one for such a situation, like a Dental Crown – a troubling cosmetic and debilitating dental or even health issue can happen. We do Dental Crowns to properly restore the tooth to its proper size, shape, appearance, and use. Dental Crowns or caps resemble a snug hat for your tooth, covering its visible portion entirely.

In summary, Dental Crowns are primarily used to:


  • Restore strength to a damaged tooth
  • Improve tooth size, shape, and color
  • Preserve tooth after a root canal treatment
  • Repair tooth after extensive decay
  • Restore a dental implant

Types of Dental Crown Materials:

1.) Porcelain Fused to Ordinary Metal (PFM) — the cheapest that we offer. They are made of an inner metal core and an outer porcelain build-up. Gums tend not to like non-precious metal kind, as found in the ordinary category. Regular metal corrodes and, once evident, would call for a replacement of a new one. As we have noted, they can serve patients for few years without issue, only if they will maintain them properly by good hygiene and home care routine. Ordinary Metal Crowns’ drawback is that they present this greyish effect near the gum line, as reflected by the metalcore. They are priced per unit or number of teeth that will receive the dental crown.

2.) Porcelain Fused to Semi-Precious (Tilite) Metal — this conventional dental crown type is mid-range, cost-wise, and quality. Porcelain material is used to build up the outer layer. The inner metal component is called “Tilite” metal, known to be more compatible with gums and human tissues than ordinary metal; thus, safer to use. Tilite also lowers the risk of gum-disease-causing bacteria because they are better suited to the gums — labeled as medically pure material. They are durable, resilient to chewing forces, and lightweight. Due to the discussed advantage, they last longer or almost double the longevity period as does ordinary counterpart. Also, they are priced per unit or the number of teeth to be made as dental crowns.

3.) E-max Crowns — belong to the all-ceramic kind of material, and we advised that they be used only for dental crowns or a short-span fixed bridge. They acquire a natural blend of translucency and lifelike appearance, making them suited for front teeth restorations. E-max crown components are created from mainly lithium disilicate glass. Since no metal alloy inside, the unsightly metal grey line will not be visible at the gumlines. However, they are not ideally placed on places in the mouth where hard biting is present because they are thin and can fracture under high stress. Due to this reason, they are categorized secondary to Zirconia in terms of durability, biocompatibility, and cost. Price is per unit also.

4.) Zirconia Dental Crowns — This dental crown material is getting well-liked from the dental crowns we do at Smile More Dental Clinic in Ermita Manila. Zirconia displays a flawless and natural-looking appearance. They do not have a metal core but a full-contour Zirconia with luminous-effect and translucency similar to natural teeth. Zirconia presents a perfect and genuinely natural-looking result! They also provide a better gum reception due to their biocompatibility (gum-friendly). Because they have no metal component, no issues of corrosion can be attributed to them. We always endeavor to offer the newest and unsurpassed quality material to help transform your life for the better, so we highly endorse Zirconia material for dental crowns. Though this may seem more costly than the other dental crown choices, Zirconia strikes a balance between aesthetics and durable qualities — that can provide you service for an extended time. If you choose a Zirconia Crown, you can look forward to many years of confidence when eating, speaking, and smiling. The same applies to the costings: per unit or number of teeth to be made as a dental crown.

Zirconia Crowns

How to Do a Dental Crown?

We ensure removing the decay, replacing lost structure (build-up filling), and dental nerve protection for persistent dental decay. If the tooth that needs crowning is Root Canal Treated, we must finish the treatment prior.

We get your correct shade by finding the color that closely resembles your natural teeth. When we are doing simultaneous teeth crowning of neighboring teeth, we can adjust the shade or color to your desired result.

We proceed to the actual tooth preparation for the dental crown. The teeth preparation is vital to the process of doing a dental cap. We need to trim off a sizeable tooth structure to provide for the dental crown material’s thickness.

We’ll take impressions of your tooth, using a rubber material that can copy them to the finest detail. We will also take a copy of your bite using a special wax to fit the opposing teeth mold to a bite articulator.

Together with the resulting mold taken, we will prepare a detailed and clear instruction to send them to the dental laboratory for final Dental Crown fabrication.

After few days, we will trial fit your Dental Crown in the clinic; that is why you need to return for a second visit. Here, we will do further adjustments and fitting corrections if required.

When we checked that everything is okay, we can have the Dental Crown/s cemented permanently onto the prepared tooth/ teeth.

In most patients who received Dental Crowns in our clinic, we noticed that by maintaining their routine dental appointment check-up & cleanings with us. They were able to prolong the lifespan of their Dental Crowns.

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