Cosmetic Dentistry Expert

Prince Rahim B.

For years I have been putting off getting a dental treatment for my unappealing front teeth. It took me a while before decisively booking my appointment with Smile More Dental Clinic. I finally went to see Dr. Richard Liao seeking his expertise in Cosmetic Dentistry. I received dental veneers and was highly impressed with the result. I never expected I would have a smile that I can be happy about. I gained confidence showing my teeth and a brand-new smile made possible by Smile More Dental Clinic Team. I am now excited to flash my smile in front of the people and the camera. Dr. Liao told me that for my dental work to last, I need to see them for maintenance which I will comply with. I am looking forward to my next appointment.
Recommended for Your Oral Needs!

Laurenz D.


I’ve been a patient of Doc Richard since I was five yrs old (19 years now). From cleaning, fluoride, and braces. Recently, Doc made my zirconia crown. My crown has been very good so far. Before, i was very hesitant to eat crunchy foods because i tend to worry about my tooth. But now, i can eat anything i want, stress-free. Kudos to Doc Richard and team. Would highly recommend them for all of your oral needs. 👍

Quality Stood the Test of Time

Princess Rye D.


Dr. Richard F. Liao and his team helped me achieve the gorgeous smile I am wearing. This helped boost my confidence and surely made my life different, greatly! I have been a loyal client of Smile More Dental Clinic since 2010 and the quality of dental work they provided me surely stood the test of time. The functionality is fantastic, comparable to having my natural teeth again, but better. Smile More continues to take care of my smile and that is the reason why people always compliment me for wearing a smile they are jealous of. Thank you, Smile More Dental Team for always taking care of my beautiful smile!

Best Dentist in Town

Ronnie A.


If ever you will be in Manila and you need a dentist — Best Dentist in town — Dr. Richard Liao! … 100 % satisfied patient here!

A Worthy Investment

Leophil R.


When I first visited the clinic, I didn’t know what I needed for my teeth. I just wanted to cover the holes that were noticeable when I smile. Doc Richard was really helpful in guiding me throughout the process. Had to say, the investment was worth it. I liked the results. 🙂

Well Equipped and Safe environment

Edgar B.


They served me well and they did my dental treatment even during this covid-19 pandemic. The clinic is well equipped and has a high level of infection control, and I feel so safe! The dentists are also skillful in doing their dental care. Highly recommended! 😁

Effective Dental Solutions!

Jake Y.


I received the following treatment from Smile More Dental Clinic:
Deep Scaling, Tooth Extraction and Dental Fillings

My first visit to them was on December 2020, when I consulted for my gum and teeth problems. I underwent a meticulous gum treatment called “Deep Scaling” to address the problem going on with my loosening teeth and gums. then, I consented upon their suggestion to have my non-savable tooth removed, as it is posing danger to my health and can no longer be saved. Then, I had my several teeth placed with restorative dental fillings.

I highly recommend Smile More Dental Clinic because they provided solution to my dental problems and give me tips on how to maintain my dental health at its finest. I gave them my 101% trust because I felt their genuine concern to help me. I will be returning to them on my future dental needs.

For now, thank you Smile More Dental Clinic for all the help you provided me during the course of my dental treatment. Will definitely see you again!

Quality and Cost-Effective Service!

Jenny D.

It has been five years since they put an implant and premium crown to my husband, and I also received cosmetic dental work from them — and we’re both satisfied! My partner had to fly back to Manila (after 6 months) for the 2nd phase of the restoration (dental crown) placement for the implants inserted on his jaw — but was okay because we were able to save for the price on getting them and the quality of the dental work was great. Our dentist back in the US admired the way our dental work was done. Me and my hubby trusted the dentist for picking the shade (color) of our artificial teeth and was perfect, because they looked natural us, and we can smile comfortably. I recommended the clinic to my friends and relatives who flew across the country for their minor and major dental work, and in the future, if we need one, we would be willing to go back again. The dentist (Dr. Richard Liao) truly cares about his work and patients. He was candid in telling NO, if our assertion for a certain dental procedure is not called for. However, I encourage you to book for an appointment since their practice is quite busy, and will take you weeks before you can reserve an slot, but is okay if you are searching for quality dental care.
Impressive in both Process & Results!

Lady P.


I am impressed with the result of smile enhancement procedure done to me by Dr. Richard Liao. He thoroughly explained the process and told me what to expect during the treatment. I can say that the dentist meticulously did the right approach on my situation, giving me a satisfactory result. What I like most, is the natural look and there was a great improvement from the previous dental work I received from another clinic. The reviews are indeed genuine. My trying their services proved that I did the right decision.

A Really Great Place to Visit!

Joy C.

all of the people in here were so accommodating. They are doing it among themselves to smile more 🙂 It is really great to visit this place. It feels so homey and at the same time during your face to face to the dentist you wont feel any pain and it feels so comfortable for he is really thoughtful to his patients. It is a great job for all the people who are working with this Dental Clinic. God bless you all