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At this period of time, when smiling in front of a phone camera or taking a selfie is already a familiar way of life. We can offer the right solution so that you never have to suppress that smile again

Confidently you can flash the better version of your smile, never to worry, never to hide. To show your happiness as reflected in your smile will make your day brighter and other people envious. Right! You must be familiar with the popular comment, “how to be you?” Sooner, you’ll hear it right on — once your smile is fixed in an improved artistry!The top-ranking team of Smile More Dental Clinic here in the Philippines is equipped with the right skill and capability to enhance and improve your smile through Cosmetic Dentistry and the Smile Design that we customarily do. We have been seeing patients who are problematic with their smiles or have difficulty chewing food, and we always manage to help them in a rational, practical way at a reasonable cost.

We have helped patients who have discolored, damaged, worn-down teeth – who feel awkward showing their smiles. We handled teeth improvement on dental situations that were consulted to us, like darkened, yellowish, or stained teeth or some smiles that are a bit off – we have turned them to look more pleasing and interesting. We have assisted patients with missing teeth, uninviting artificial teeth, unfitting dental restoration, causing them to be discouraged, feeling that the solution is never possible. We fixed chipped teeth, gapped or spaced teeth, damaged dental prostheses, and dental infection issues in a reliable, practical way.

Luckily, modern dentistry has made enough progress. No problem is ever-lasting. You never have to live with dental flaws for the rest of your life. Your damaged teeth can now be dealt with perfectly via cosmetic dentistry. 

Are you tired of holding back on your smile? Cosmetic dentistry can change things for the better. People are usually wary of dentistry. But don’t worry, as the best dental clinic in Manila has your back. Let’s take a look at what we have to offer.
Cosmetic Dental Crowns & Fixed Bridge, Dental Veneers, Teeth Whitening, and Invisalign are popular dental services that help modify teeth and smile into a better look. These are the most sought-after services here at Smile More in Ermita, Manila. Still unclear? Read onto find out more!

Cosmetic Dental Crowns

One of the services aligned with cosmetic dentistry is Ceramic Dental Crown or Aesthetic or Tooth-Colored Dental Crown. They are non-metallic dental caps used to cover the damaged tooth. Not only do they strengthen the damaged tooth but also improve the overall shape, appearance, and alignment.
When most tooth crown structure has worn-out due to extensive tooth decay, or a consequence of repeated replacement of dental fillings, broken natural tooth crown involving the outer and inner layers (enamel and dentin). But you still want to keep the tooth and protect it so you can prolong its use and strategic advantage: like front teeth for appearance or molars for chewing function. Dental Crown is the most convenient option. Why? Since they are sturdy and can withstand the same advantage your previous tooth crown structure does or even improved. It’s intelligible that over time, even most of the machine operating needs tuning up as they malfunction and lose strength – similar to your teeth. But do your teeth ever have great value to you? Realize that they help you chew, initiate food digestion, showing your smile, and aid in your talking clear words. Aren’t they meant to enhance the quality of your life and health? Losing just one of them will certainly affect your health.
But you always have a choice. You are in control! It is not going to be heavier on your pocket in the long run, and you will have the beauty and the charm to show that your smiling is not out of style.
Cosmetic Dental Crowns are a much conservative choice compared to Porcelain Fused to Metal Crowns because the tooth is often conscientiously shaped with minimal trimming, giving a tougher and unyielding tooth support underneath.

Cosmetic Dental Bridges

Let’s not get too technical in here. If Ceramic Dental Crown can restore a single tooth, Cosmetic Dental Bridges are chosen when one or more teeth are missing, and link them together to a set of artificial teeth that will be anchored on your prepared natural teeth – then we come up with a bridged teeth restoration.
As opposed to a denture, the Cosmetic Dental Bridge is set and aligned, without the plate extension called denture base, and not clasped on adjacent teeth. This is non-removable, of course, but durably cemented in place with a translucent cement that will not deter the cosmetic appeal and final outcome. Because the supporting component of a dental bridge is a crown-like structure that will envelop the carefully shaped support teeth, they are arranged better, even, and more predictable when it comes to selecting the right shade.
Normally, if changing or improving the color appearance of your existing teeth, depending on how far back your wide smile reaches, normally 6 units (per teeth) to 8 units can be done, so that all colors of the resulting teeth, including shape and size, can be fashioned uniformly and evenly.

Cosmetic Dental Crowns & Bridge That We Offer


well-liked for its durability and strength, especially if chewing efficacy is addressed. They are made of tough material, that even in a thinner form, you need not worry that they will break. The point of the previous statement is that we need NOT trim or shave the tooth that will receive it to a sizable amount; that could mean, lesser tooth shaving, bigger teeth structure left, slight to no sensitivity at all. Full Contour Zirconia is rigid, and its toughness is beyond question. Considered bio-compatible, they are gum friendly, so less likely that gums will become inflamed than it can endure inside the mouth without the worry of corrosion or discoloration, unlike the metal type. They are the best solution for crowning the back teeth (molars and premolars) or set of teeth that is acceptable to have an unvarying color.

Zirconia with Ceramics Facing

this resolves the cosmetic inadequacy of full contour Zirconia. Since the façade of the crown or bridge are meant to provide the patient with a realistic appearance and color matching ability with the neighboring teeth, Zirconia with Ceramics is the pick that will override the Full Shaped Zirconia’s shortcoming. They are valued higher, because of the extra work and attention added on forming or building up the ceramic element. If you are keen to getting a crown with flawless look, and because the Full Zirconia could be a little harder to match due to its opacity issue, then upgrading to the type that has ceramics on the forefront is the right pick. Is durability an issue? Point taken, but will you really bite food using the forward-facing surface? Not at all, right?
It makes sense, when someone told us that she would prefer to wear a glossy lipstick rather than a plain one, because it is more alluring. Have your own analogy? Let us know.

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