Dental Sealants
& Fluoride

Dental sealants are dental preventive procedures intended to protect and cover the chewing surfaces of back teeth (molars and premolars).  With the use of dental sealants, we can shield the permanent teeth untouched by tooth decay to have a solid layer of protection. They are thin plastic coating, white or teeth-colored materials highly efficient tooth sealers. Most dental decay that occurs among children and young adults happens on the back teeth (premolars and molars) “pits and fissures.” Such areas are rough and impassable by a toothbrush; that is why plaque and bacteria can stay on these crevices. Sealants are safely proven dental procedure that gets in the way against a bit of food, plaque, and bacteria. That without a shield-like covering, the tooth can eventually get tooth decay.

We noticed in our clinic that those patients who did not have dental sealants applied on chewing surfaces of their teeth could likely get tooth decay. They end up receiving a dental filling or lost their molars at an early age—knowing that most comfort food that kids and young adults eat are mostly sweets, processed foods, and junk foods. Without sealant protection, the odds of catching dental decay from that unhealthy food consumption are high. When we put dental sealants at an early age, soon after the permanent teeth erupt, tooth decay can be avoided — save you money in the long run. Instead of bacteria attacking the tooth structure, the dental sealants placed on the grooves of teeth chewing surfaces of back molars protect them from digging rotten holes.

Though sealants are a practical solution, they are no substitute for brushing and flossing that we need to do at least twice a day or every after each meal. We constantly mention to our patients to observe good dental hygiene at home. Besides flossing and brushing, anti-cavity mouthwash can do benefit by keeping your mouth fresh.

Prevent plaque and bacteria from nestling on the irregular teeth crevices, like pits and fissures. Let us stop them from destroying your teeth using dental sealants.

Fluoride Treatment  or  Fluoride Application is proven to be a quick and effective way of arresting dental decay among children and can also work on susceptible adults.  Fluoride is a mineral significantly tested to defy the cavity-forming effect of plaque and harmful mouth bacteria. When applied, fluoride establishes a bond to the tooth’s inorganic structure, resulting in a tougher composition, resisting decay from forming. This effect is possible because they are proved to be effective in neutralizing bacterial action’s acidic tendency.

We do Dental Fluoride Treatment at Smile More Dental in Ermita, Manila, by applying dental fluoride in gel or varnish. We found  Professional Fluoride Treatment helpful in decreasing the spread and occurrence of dental caries in children and adults in the same way.

This dental upkeep benefits our patients by improving dental health and hamper the least forthcoming dental treatment, like fillings and extractions. We recommend Fluoride Treatment as soon as children’s permanent teeth have erupted to enable the fluoride to be integrated into their tooth structure. We likewise recommend them applied to adults with high caries hint or for those who simply want their teeth given an added protection tier. Patients may require the application of fluoride every six months or depend on their specific needs.

Our dependable dentists at Smile More Dental Clinic in Ermita Manila ensure that an adequate level of fluoride is applied to your teeth because this will successfully cease the breakdown of your teeth’ enamel caused by the bout of caries-producing bacteria.

Fluoride application and regular brushing and flossing help reduce dental caries in children and benefit adults by reinforcing their teeth against caries attack.

We aim to effectively negate and offset tooth decay from forming so you can have strong and intact teeth. Help yourself preserve your teeth in their best form by receiving Fluoride Treatment here at Smile More Dental Clinic.

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