Dental X-rays

We take or request X-rays for the following reasons:

1. Find Out If There Is Decay Between Teeth

Sometimes it is hard to see with the naked eye.

2. Check for Bone Loss

An x-ray presents noticeable jaw bone loss associated with gum disease.

3. Check for Decay Under Fillings

An x-ray will help us see the underlying problem with dental restorations.

4. Look for Infection at the Tip of the Root

An x-ray will guide us to confirm the presence or absence of infection.

5. Examine the Area Before Procedures

Gives the dentist a detailed view of teeth and bone, avoiding guesswork.
When we recommend that we need to take or request a Dental X-ray, we intend to better evaluate your dental status or problem. So, our dentist can implement a reliable treatment solution.

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