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Invisalign is a treatment that intends to straighten and align uneven teeth and correct and improve bite problems. The treatment consists of providing the patient customized, clear ‘aligners’ (comparable to clear retainers) that are systematically fabricated by intelligible software and centralized technology to achieve the envisioned goal. This U.S.-patented creation has stepped up to other contenders by continuous upgrading and their stockpiled case correlations. Invisalign company is also the pioneer in using clear aligners to straighten teeth and stayed undisputed.

Invisalign became a popular choice among patients looking for teeth straightening treatment whose preference goes for a comfortable, flexible, and whole process piloted by a patented software. Invisalign is available at Smile More Dental Clinic in Manila, Philippines.

First, you will need to consult with our dentist and discuss if this treatment is finely suited for you. Like other teeth alignment correction treatments, diagnostic or pre-planning requisites are needed: Panoramic X-ray, teeth impression or mold fabrication, and photographs. After submitting these requirements to the Invisalign company, we can show you an advanced 3D simulation of how your teeth looked at the start and how they will align gradually. You’ll be excited to see the final result and see how your teeth will move from start to finish. You can watch the 3D video of your teeth movement and approve it or request changes before proceeding.

Invisalign aligners are almost invisible, taking the hassle away of being noticed. People around you will not know you are on treatment unless you tell them. Patients wearing Invisalign can do their work and function with minor annoyance. The Invisalign aligners can be taken out when eating and non-restrictive of diets.  They can be cleaned and washed, too. When worn, they felt comfortable and less bothersome to cheeks, lips, and tongue.

As mentioned above, we will collect the diagnostic records and send them to Invisalign Company in the United States. We do so with a very detailed treatment plan and prescription devised by our dentists on what modifications we want to be made to your bite or smile.

Once you accept the projected treatment plan (in the 3D mock-up), we will tell Invisalign to manufacture the aligners. The turnaround for clear aligners fabrication can take 3 to 4 weeks. When the Invisalign sends out to us your finished tray, it could take about a week before we can call you back to the clinic to claim your first aligner.

One nice advantage of Invisalign aligners is that monthly visits are not required. We expect you around if there are certain things we need to do or when we need to track the teeth movement, from time to time. It’s pretty flexible! We can be seeing you within one month, two months or yet longer.

Another plus factor of Invisalign is that they are comfortable to wear. Compared to dental braces, with all the brackets and wire attachments – these are parts that cause an uncomfortable feeling to your gums, lips, and tongue. Because these things are not present in Invisalign – the ease and luxury of getting the treatment done without hassle are favorably appreciable.

We can achieve transparent results in around six months, nine months, one year, or more. Such differences occur due to multifactorial differences between patients and cases. Some are easy, while others are pretty complex.

Suppose the patient will commit to wearing the Invisalign aligners at least 18 to 22 hours a day. In that case, much of the expected result can happen earlier in due time or even faster. Indeed, you will be delighted with the process and be amazed at how the teeth moved and aligned by only wearing Invisalign aligners.

In case you are wondering how these clear aligners make possible the teeth movement. Since they are made of series aligners or clear trays, they usually incorporate distinct features tailored to each tooth movement phase. Using composite stumps (like a tooth-filling) placed on certain areas of the tooth or teeth – we can either use them to pull, push, shift and position a tooth or teeth to their desired place. However, movement is intently done; for sure, the pressure applied on your teeth is little. In comparison to dental braces, patients feel less pain or no discomfort at all.

The number of aligners required is proportionate to the straightening goal planned. It can range from 18 to 50 aligners. Each aligner is typically worn for 2 weeks. Such period is required per particular aligner to be able to do regulated teeth movement. As you progress to another set of aligners, the same thing goes for the quantifiable teeth change due to them.

Like with any other teeth straightening treatment or technique – our clinic in Ermita, Manila, instructs our patients always to wear retainers when the treatment is completed to prevent relapse. We can provide you a clear retainer after Invisalign management so that the finished alignment will not move or pose future reversion.

Hence, if you are looking for an Invisalign dentist in Manila, Philippines — or you are near Ermita, Makati, Taguig, Paranaque, Pasay, Mandaluyong, Pasig, Caloocan, or Valenzuela — and you want the Invisalign treatment, contact us at (+632) 8 254-3773  or  0905-3350118.

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