Oral Hygiene Essentials

by | Apr 15, 2021

Smile More Dental Clinic has helped patients who visited us, coming from Manila area and neighboring cities, to take care of their oral health properly. We primarily focus on preventive care by taking time to evaluate and understand our patients. After assessing our patient’s dental health status, we suggest to them a customized treatment plan. Since it is a fact that we only have one set of permanent adult teeth, it is essential to care for them.  By being proactive, we can avert cavities, infections, and gum disease from happening. We recommend that you contact us and book an appointment for a dental cleaning (Oral Prophylaxis) twice a year. Through that visit, we can remove plaque buildup and tartar, keeping your mouth clean and healthy. You can contact us through telephone no. (+632) 8 254 3773 to schedule an appointment. For now, here are the tips that you can do at home to keep your mouth healthy.  

Toothbrushing Tips

As your dental care provider, we know that how you do tooth brushing is just as essential as your daily frequency of doing them. Significantly, you use a soft-bristled toothbrush so that you won’t irritate the gums and cause denting of your teeth enamel (abrasion). Some people have the wrong notion about using a hard-bristled toothbrush to have a clean mouth feeling. A soft toothbrush can work the same, without harming your teeth, only if you do the brushing correctly. To brush your teeth, you need to it in a circular motion, starting at the gum line, then to the chewing surfaces, and continuing towards the center of your mouth. This way, you can detach food particles, plaque, and bacteria away from the gum line. Brush the teeth per quadrant (half of each side) for at least 30 seconds. Try to do brushing with minimal and even pressure, not too forceful. The best toothpaste to use is those with Fluoride components since they will give additional protection from tooth decay. Our recommendation is to brush 3 x a day – morning, after eating lunch, and before going to bed. Such practice can keep your mouth clean without worry of keeping the harmful bacteria on your gums and teeth surfaces. Over-brushing is also not so good, as it can irritate your gums and affect your teeth. Then if your toothbrush has been around for three months or more, do not scruple to throw them away, especially if their bristles are frayed, stained, and smells.

Flossing is Important to your Gums and Teeth

Smile More Dental Clinic encourages patients not to disregard the use of dental floss every day. Suppose you are from Manila or are interested in visiting us. In that case, we can help clean your teeth (Oral Prophylaxis) and detach plaque and bacteria-harboring on teeth surfaces not removed by your daily brushing. If you are doing your part using dental floss daily, you minimize this bacterial staying on your teeth and gums. By allowing bacteria to remain longer, they can cause “gum disease” to develop. It is alarming and dangerous to your oral health and well-being. Gum disease happens when dental plaque forms along and below the gum line, and not flossing can favor this process. So, if you find it difficult circling the floss thread around your fingers, you can buy a plastic floss that can be manually held and thrown away. You make the flossing easier that way.

Mouthwash Helps

When buying a mouthwash, choose those with the sugar-free formulation. We advise that you buy a mouthwash with Fluoride content. This kind of mouthwash inhibits bacteria from decaying your teeth while sustaining your teeth’ hardness. You can have a handy small bottle with mouthwash so you can rinse after each meal, drinking coffee or soda. We know that sometimes it is not doable to brush that often or the very least twice a day, but rinsing with a mouthwash is easier. , you can help lessen your gum disease or teeth cavity risks

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How to prevent tooth decay

Smile More Dental Clinic helps patients maintain clean and healthy teeth by cleaning their teeth and restoring them with dental fillings and appropriate needed care. Check-out our Dental Services

Dental decay happens when food particles and bacterial layers (plaque) stay on teeth surfaces. Once these bacteria produce acid, they begin to eat the hard tooth shell, called enamel. So, having clean teeth and removing dental plaque protect us from dental cavities. At the same time, you can maintain your hygiene routine at home by brushing and flossing after meals. If you are prevented from doing them due to circumstances, even a water rinse can help cleanse your mouth. In this way, you rid of that food debris that sticks around your teeth and inside your mouth, especially the sugary kind. Be sure to eat a balanced and healthy diet since they come in contact with your teeth as you chew, and your body utilizes them in general.

How Important is Fluoride Treatment

Being a General Dentist means we cater to your entire family’s dental care. We offer a Fluoride Treatment solution to keep your teeth significantly protected. Especially patients below eighteen years need Fluoride Application at least twice a year. With the current daily consumption of junk foods and quick meals culture, they are sugar-enriched and mostly unhealthy to teeth and body. Statistics showed that patients who received Fluoride at least once a year reduce the risk of getting cavities by about 40 percent. This detail is significant, knowing that tooth decay is one of the usual reasons for school absenteeism. The grown-ups can likewise benefit from getting a fluoride treatment. If you like to avail of this service, you can contact us at telephone number (+632) 8 254-3773 to book an appointment. The treatment itself is usually done after a routine dental cleaning. It takes few minutes to do, which can mean a lot to safeguard your precious teeth. Yes, we make Fluoride application to patient’s teeth. They are odorless and no discomfort associated when done. Quick and easy treatment that will help you, especially the kids, to prevent cavities.

Regular Toothbrush and Battery-Operated Toothbrush

We suggested that you use a toothbrush 3 x a day and discard them when their bristles are worn out and become discolored. We repeat that you must buy a soft-bristled toothbrush not to chafe your gums or erode your teeth’ enamel. Otherwise, if you have the extra budget, you get an electric or a battery-operated toothbrush since they can give you the best clean. When you use the battery-powered toothbrush, they will do their brushing job, and you only have to move them around your teeth. A battery-operated toothbrush gets rid of more plaque and can give you that clean mouth feeling.

What Food and Beverages That We Must Avoid

We all know that consuming foods and beverages that are sugar enriched like soda, bottled juices, coffee, and the likes can favor tooth decay. You must also avoid eating candies, desserts, chocolates, and those that bacteria likes to devour if their particles stayed in your teeth. In general, acidic foods and beverages are bad for your teeth because bacteria like thriving in an environment full of sugary substances. The by-product of bacteria is acid that destroys the enamel and leads to the formation of tooth decay. A diet high in lean protein, dairy, nuts, and especially those green and leafy vegetables help remineralize and keep the teeth strong. We want to help you further by doing the dental care you deserve at Smile More Dental Clinic.

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