Should You Restore the Missing Teeth?: A Guide to Knowing the Cost of Fixed Bridge in Manila, Philippines

by | Oct 29, 2021

Knowing more about Fixed Bridges dental service Manila, Philippines can guide you with your future decision about replacing your missing teeth. It can help you save time and gain a reliable narrative to get precise information about this dental service. You might want to know how much Fixed Bridge costs when you have plans to get this service. But practically, when you value your health the most, you will find a dependable dental clinic, aside from the price of Fixed Bridge or their cost reasons alone.

Searching for Fixed Bridge information would imply that you are either looking for a great solution to replace your missing teeth, not satisfied with the existing Fixed Bridge you are wearing or looking for a nearby dental clinic in Manila or in your area to provide you this service. When you have missing teeth, the urgency to have them replaced is put aside for cost reasons or not aware of the benefits of getting a Fixed Bridge. Most people who have lost their teeth believe that relief from pain is better off. They endure without replacing the missing tooth or teeth, not worrying about the forthcoming consequences.

Missing teeth on the front area gain regard for immediate replacement for Cosmetic reasons. One can talk and smile without reservation when they feel they have complete front teeth. But on missing back teeth or molars, some individuals hardly believe they need to be replaced or substituted. We must realize that the teeth’ most important function is chewing, grinding, and cutting food into digestible pieces.

Fixed Bridge to Replace Missing Molar

What happens if we do not replace the missing teeth?

There are adverse results on not replacing the missing tooth or teeth in your mouth.
• Upsets jaw function and relation, since a missing and important part is gone.
• Reduced chewing ability — dealing with an incomplete set of teeth as you eat your meals.
• Creates teeth alignment problem, since all teeth need each other for support.
• Teeth drift to the gapped area
• Spaces or gaps between teeth can develop, making brushing and daily maintenance difficult.
• Dental cavities quickly advance on the area where food particles get stuck often.
• Biting problem and difficulty progress
• Teeth become worn down or abraded
• Can give onset to TMJ Problem
• The jaw bone can recede, resulting in an aged look

Knowing the above facts emphasizes the significance of replacing missing teeth. Fixed Bridge being a reasonable option, is often chosen as a treatment of choice in replacing the missing tooth or teeth

More than exploring the cost of Fixed Bridge in Manila, Philippines, it is essential that you must be well-aware of how the dental treatment goes. You must contact and call a reliable dental clinic in Manila or near the cities of Taguig, Makati, Mandaluyong, Pasay, Paranaque, Caloocan, Valenzuela, or Quezon City. It is worth a try that even if you are from Bulacan, Cavite, Laguna, Rizal, Pampanga, or anywhere in the Philippines — you can check how Fixed Bridge is priced accordingly.

For instance, you have to be acquainted that support teeth need to be shaved or trimmed off for Fixed Bridge to provide a supporting pillar for the missing tooth or a span of missing teeth. The support teeth or the “anchorage” teeth are termed as the “abutment.” In contrast, the missing teeth will be substituted by artificial teeth or “pontic.” These are the components of a Fixed Dental Bridge or Fixed Prosthesis. The procedure for doing this procedure is highly technical and demands the expertise of the dentist.
Indeed, not all dental clinics may offer the same price for the mentioned services. Some will ask for less, and others will ask for more.
Four essential factors can affect the cost of Fixed Bridge service: (1.)actual dental condition, (2.) materials to be used, (3.)number of missing teeth, and (4.) dentist experience. The above requirements can increase or decrease the price of a fixed dental bridge. The rationale behind all of these methods is that your current circumstances will determine the cost of the fixed bridges you will receive.
As mentioned above, for a dentist to replace multiple missing teeth with a fixed bridge, he must include an anchor or support teeth (abutment) and the lost teeth replacement (pontic). And since this kind of teeth replacement option is made of porcelain or ceramics, they can not be any cheaper than removable dentures.

The ever-durable type Zirconia material can undoubtedly last for a long time. Still, the cost is higher than the Porcelain Fused to Ordinary Metal (PFM). Despite the given cost for Zirconia material, many patients usually got impressed with the result due to superior visual outcome. You must know that they are priced per unit or per piece.

Fixed Bridge to Replace Missing Molar

A fixed bridge is a reliable item for replacing a missing tooth. Fixed bridges are very comfortable, unlike dentures. They look impressive and last a long time. In addition, fixed bridges are easy to use and require no special maintenance. You can regard them as a normal dentition.
When it comes to other selections, choosing dentures is an inexpensive option. On the other hand, dental implants are the most effective option. Still, they can be completed from the implant post to the crown portion in about 4 to 6 months duration.

Moreover, it is crucial that before proceeding to Fixed Bridge fabrication, a thorough evaluation of the supporting teeth must be assessed by the dentist for the presence of dental caries, gum disease, dental infection, and any other condition that may render the dental bridge short-lived or can fail soon.
Finally, the importance of keeping the Fixed Bridge clean and leak-free must be monitored by your dentist to ensure that the investment is not wasted.

It all depends on the choice and whether a particular product or service is right for your current situation. You should consult with your dentist about which service is best for your current oral health. This will give you the awareness and information you need to make the best choice. This is essential if you want every penny you paid for this service to be really worth it. Now that you can indeed find a trustworthy clinic to go to more than ever. You can also obtain great online resources and endorsements from happy clients.

Finally, bear in mind that each of the options above will depend on your location. If you stay in the city, you will most likely be presented with many options.