Zirconia Dental Crowns and Fixed Bridges

Zirconia is the clear winner regarding strength, durability, and aesthetics when crowning,  capping, or protecting teeth. Unlike other materials, Zirconia is incredibly strong and resistant to wear and tear. This material is an excellent choice for dental crowns and dental bridges that must withstand the pressure and force of chewing and biting.

Zirconia is also biocompatible, which means it’s safe to use in the body without causing any harm or irritation. This material is an excellent option for patients concerned about dental materials’ safety and compatibility.

In addition to its strength and safety, Zirconia is also tooth-colored, which means it blends in seamlessly with your natural teeth – making them look more natural and cosmetically acceptable.

So if you’re looking for a long-lasting, safe, and natural-looking solution to your dental issues, zirconia crowns are the way to go. With their superior strength and aesthetics, they’ll give you a beautiful and confident smile for years to come.

Zirconia Crown (no metal)

Individualized Zirconia Crown

Zirconia Fixed Bridge

If you have missing teeth, dental bridges may be a more suitable option than removable dentures. Zirconia is a good material for dental crowns, bridges, and veneers.

When choosing a restoration material, consider how it will look and how strong it is. Can it last longer and function better than natural teeth? Is it easy to maintain and not cause gum disease?

Zirconia can make your smile look good and fix damaged teeth practically. More patients are choosing this material for their teeth restorations.

Dental Crown Materials Improvement

Dentists have been using dental crowns for a while to fix damaged teeth. These days, getting those perfect white teeth and adorable smiles you’ve been dreaming of is possible. In the past, strength and dependability were the most important factors in dental restorations. But now, there’s a greater focus on creating excellent restorations that enhance your appearance. With modern dentistry, you can have both a functional and beautiful smile.

In the past, dentists used metal and gold alloys to cap teeth. These materials were strong enough to handle the force of chewing, but they didn’t look like natural teeth. Gold, while expensive, was a popular choice for those who wanted to keep their damaged teeth for a long time. Although not the most aesthetically pleasing, the durability of these materials made them a practical option.

Gold & Metal Crown

Zirconia Image

Porcelain Fused to Metal Crown (PFM)

In due course, people began to favor dental crowns and fixed bridges that appeared like natural teeth. So, porcelain materials were introduced and were used to cover the metal base or copping of the dental crown. Porcelain materials have various shades and tint to come close to the real teeth’ color. Still, the metal base underneath affected the translucency effect present in natural teeth. So, it became challenging to hide the metal showing and the greyish-effect near the gum-line, which is an issue on most porcelain fused-to-metal dental crowns and fixed bridges. Another downside of porcelain materials is that they can chip, break or crack over time, especially when the bite is off.

Zirconia material is a much sturdier and more rigid dental material used for dental crowns and fixed bridges with a realistic appearance – closer or even better than the natural teeth. To this day, it becomes the most desired dental restoration and teeth replacement of choice.

Zirconia and their Benefits

Smile More More Dental Clinic in Ermita, Manila, offers Zirconia Dental Crowns and Fixed Bridges. These dental restoration materials are the seemly choice to patients who want to improve and enhance the appearance of their teeth and make their smiles elegant.

Zirconia is one of the most innovative dental materials to address cosmetic dental issues and secure restored teeth. This material is a durable white ceramic glaze comparable to the metal’s almost indestructible strength. The aesthetic appeal resembles natural teeth and porcelain material. Undeniably, Zirconia is superior in visual appeal and durability and is currently being improved due to higher demand.

Benefits of Zirconium (or Zirconia) Crowns / Fixed Bridges:

  • They can copy the color of the real teeth or can be made to look much better
  • Stable and long-lasting
  • Zirconia materials are known to be tougher, like gold and metal
  • Does not require much teeth reduction because they can be crafted at a minimal thickness
  • Zirconia can be layered with porcelain build-up for more teeth-like aesthetics
  • Zirconia Crowns & Fixed Bridges can be bonded or cemented on your teeth, making it feasible for dentists to customize for each unique patient’s needs.
  • Zirconia is compatible with gums and jawbone and not induce an adverse reaction to the body (biocompatible)

Zirconia – Best Choice for Dental Crowns & Fixed Bridges

Few Slight Issues About Zirconia:

  • Zirconia materials are more opaque (less transparent) than natural teeth; however, they are cosmetically notable compared to metal and gold. The laboratory technician can tweak this opacity issue by adjusting the inner core shade and using Zircon blocks to approximate the transparency of the real teeth.
  • Restoring a single tooth in the front region of the mouth can pose a challenge to mimic the appearance of adjacent teeth, especially on teeth with varying shades. But, thanks! Because Zirconia can be layered with porcelain and can be shaded correctly to what color or shade is required; hence, you can disregard insignificant difference.
  • The bite needs to be adjusted correctly before permanently cementing them because Zirconia being a rigid material, can destroy opposing weak restoration or impaired teeth. So, the dentist must be keen and mindful of this aspect.

Keeping Your Mouth Clean & Healthy for a Lasting Dental Crowns

Any restorations done in your mouth, be it a dental crown, bridges, or fillings, need routine maintenance. Like your natural teeth, over time, they can get damaged or cause problems related to gums and tooth nerves if not maintained or brushed and cleaned the right way. Properly brushing your teeth no less than twice a day helps rid the food debris and bacteria-rich plaque to set off dental decay and gum disease. Using dental floss appropriately to clean teeth and accessible surfaces of any dental restorations (crowns, bridges, veneers) can also be very helpful. Using an antimicrobial mouth rinse and tongue scraper can improve the smell of your breath. Another valuable adjunct is employing a “water pik” or water flosser. Keep your regular professional cleanings with your dentist at least twice a year – to keep your teeth pearly white and bacteria-free and to check your crown’s health.

If your teeth have become worn down, have cracked or chipped – considering the topmost material is a practical choice. When your teeth have become shorter, and the shape becomes irregular and uneven, you could be pondering how to improve them with less hassle. Or if you have missing teeth and want to restore them without the need for surgery (like implants). Considering the best material as an investment to help eat, smile, talk and give your body a treat for a gum-friendly and biocompatible material, Zirconia is the elite choice!

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* This article intends to discuss and elaborate on topics related to a particular dental material and dental treatment. However, this one does not aim to substitute for dental professional guidance, analysis, opinion, diagnosis, and treatment plan. Seek out the recommendation of a dentist or qualified healthcare provider on questions regarding your dental or medical condition and treatment.

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