Reasonably Priced Fixed Bridge in Manila’s Best Dental Clinic

by | Feb 13, 2022

When you have one or more missing teeth, your smile and bite function are prominently affected. That is why you should consider obtaining dental bridges (Fixed Bridge) from a clinic offering this teeth replacement option. This low-risk treatment by one of the best dental clinics in Manila, Philippines, can significantly provide you with a much more desirable and functional smile. You avoid wearing annoying removable dentures that can sometimes accidentally pop out, and that can be awful! If you lost one to three teeth, a dental bridge could act as a permanent replacement for them so you can smile and talk with ease! And even if you lost many teeth, you can always find the solution to getting them replaced with a better alternative, in the form of a Fixed Bridge.

What Are The Cost and Benefits of Dental Fixed Bridge

Fixed Bridges can cost higher than Removable Dentures. But in effect, they are really affordable and easy to use. Because the convenience of not having to remove your artificial teeth (removable dentures) every after eating is undoubtedly the best advantage. Hence, a non-removable teeth replacement will remove your fear that your denture can fall out anytime, anywhere.

Suppose you do not like replacing your missing teeth. In that case, you could be harming your jaw joint by exerting excessive forces in chewing and digesting the foods that you eat. It’s like throwing bits and pieces to a faulty grinding machine. After a while, your teeth can have multiple gaps, and your chewing can be more inconvenient, affecting even your jaw joint (Temporo-Mandibular Joint or TMJ).

To know the approximate cost, you need to meet the dentist for an actual consultation. Since opting for this treatment requires quite a bit of expense, you should carefully consider the right budget and dependable result. Finding the cheapest Fixed Bridge in Manila may not work out quite well for you. Since a well-crafted teeth restoration or dental bridge should last more years, that, on the contrary, cannot be expected of cheaper dental bridges. Finding the most preferred dental clinic providing this dental service is a win-win situation.

Are you disgusted or embarrassed by missing teeth? Are you unhappy wearing your loose denture?

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Though it may take a few sessions (about 2 to 3 visits) to get this procedure done, a carefully crafted Fixed Bridge can give wonders to your well-being. It can provide you with an impeccable smile. You can also eat comfortably because a dental bridge feels close to having the natural teeth again.

A Fixed Bridge consisting of 3 or 4 teeth can cost far less than those requiring more teeth to replace. Other thoughts that can factor into a particular Fixed Bridge cost include the materials used. In addition, any extra treatment/s required (e.g., Root Canal Treatment), how experienced the dentist in Manila, Philippines is, or how comprehensive the expected treatment is.

What Are Dental Bridges and What are the Materials used to Do Them?

Dental bridges are artificial teeth replacements that can fill in the gaps left by one or more missing teeth. For multiple absent teeth, dental bridges are looked for by more patients. Those who wish comfort over distress. Those who do not like the hassle of wearing removable artificial teeth and taking them out of the mouth for brushing each time they eat. Removable partial or full dentures can relatively fill in the gaps cheaper (but not as secured) when you have numerous missing teeth.

A dental bridge includes artificial teeth and supporting teeth surrounding them. The dental ceramist makes dental bridges from a patient’s teeth mold taken by a dentist. Metal, porcelain, or ceramics are materials used in crafting them. Ceramics-type (e.g., Emax or Zirconia) is the premium kind. They cost more than the conventional porcelain-fused-to-metal bridges. The benefits of obtaining dental bridges are substantial if you have one or more missing teeth. Suitably, they are meant to support your overall oral health and the functionality of the teeth being restored.

Interestingly, Fixed Bridges can also be supported with dental implants in place of natural teeth.

Who Are the Right Candidates to Received Fixed Bridges?

Anyone who lost around 1-3 teeth should significantly choose dental bridges. This is the far most effective and safer treatment that can provide you with teeth replacements proven to last longer. We will consider if surrounding or neighboring teeth can provide strong support for the dental bridges. So, it is a requirement that these teeth are healthy, decay-free, and have no infected tooth nerve or gum disease. Patients with problematic or aching teeth or infected dental nerves must be treated with Root Canal Treatment priorly. Before obtaining a Fixed Bridge, any gum disease will also be dealt with first.

What Our Patient’s Say:

“I searched Smile More Dental Clinic online when I has having teeth problem. Before, I was not confident with my smile. When I consulted them, they offer me solutions that my previous dentist did not manage to explain. They were able to help me with my problem teeth and give me an exceptional result. Following that, the premium crowns that Dr. Richard did on me gave me the fulfillment of my “dream smile”. Trust is an important key in achieving the best result and I truly got the best value for my money, since they work tirelessly to help me smile more. Thanks to the entire team!”

– Faye Manlupit

“I have been a patient of Dr. Richard Liao for over 20 years now and I can’t recommend this clinic enough. The rest of the staff are nice and great at their work. I can say that Smile More Dental Clinic is one of the best dental clinics in Manila, Philippines. I have received my Fixed Bridge in year 2002 and since then I never had serious problems because I make sure to see them every 6 months. That is why they are able to help me maintain my great smile. Surely trust this clinic for the quality of work and the longevity of the result.”

– Al Ph

“After having an awful experience😂 at a different dental clinic, Smile More Dental turned my spirits and confidence😍✅. Meeting Dr. Richard Liao and his team, carefully planning and discussing my treatment plan, we were able to carry on with the appropriate procedures🎨 and completed them in few weeks📆. The dental crowns and fixed bridge they did to me are superbly done💯. And I have no complaints! I regretted that I did not check and go straight to them. Sometimes, it is essential to check whether the dentist is seasoned enough to perform an extensive procedure rather than those you see on your phone screen feeds. Chances are, you can be hooked with other too-good-to-be-true offers rather than get the right opportunity to get the treatment a good shot a once👍.”

– Rash Perr