Dental veneers are cosmetic dental enhancements done to cover damaged, misshapen, gapped, discolored, uneven, and crooked teeth. This aesthetic dental procedure intends to disguise the front area of unappealing teeth. Veneers are wafer-thin, tooth-colored shells. We do them to cover the forward-facing side of the teeth, unlike the dental crowns that cover the entire teeth surfaces. Veneers are shaped from porcelain or resin composite materials and are permanently attached to the teeth.

What Should You Know When Getting Veneers?

You probably have observed people wearing gleaming white teeth and showing impeccable smiles. And how you wish you can flaunt the same thing. Veneers are an excellent choice for smile imperfection and categorically address teeth’ physical and cosmetic shortfalls. Since they are permanent, it’s necessary to obtain all the facts and weigh the pros and cons before opting to have them.

Advantages of Ceramics Veneers:

1.) Veneers can make your teeth whiter and can boost your smile! You might notice unlikable changes to your teeth throughout the years. Your teeth were probably whiter before, and you noticed that the color becomes off or stained as you get older. Consuming colored foods and beverages (ex: coffee, tea) can turn your teeth’ color to an unappealing yellowish or brownish shade. Dentists can whiten discolored enamel, or you can do it at home. Still, the discoloration can come soon if you keep on consuming pigmented foods or when you smoke cigarettes, too. Porcelain veneers can address this issue since they resist staining, and the white color will not fade.

2.) Restore dental enamel damages. The teeth’ outermost covering, called enamel, is ordinarily tough but can be dented or destroyed eventually due to forceful and incorrect brushing. When you frequently consume acidic drinks or food or experience acid reflux symptoms, they can all damage your enamel. You must note that damaged enamel never grows back and must be fixed soon. Luckily, veneers can work wonders on replacing the abraded and eroded enamels that can give your teeth a flawless appeal!

3.) Help address dental cosmetic issues instantly. To help resolve teeth cracks, chips, spaces between teeth, staining, and slight misalignment, we do dental veneers. They can camouflage slight dental malalignment without changing the teeth’ position by just covering them. Since we can amend the gap or spacing by placing a veneer, your natural teeth may still have gaps or crooked from behind. Still, nobody will discern how we changed the teeth’ appearance quickly compared to doing dental braces. However, there are instances that veneers cannot substitute dental braces treatment, especially on severe crowding, bite issues, and incorrect jaw relations.


1. The process is permanent. We need to alter your natural teeth’ structure so we can properly place the veneer. We can never put back what we have shaved off. Be aware that veneers need to be replaced after a while, averaging from 7 to 10 years or could be more, depending on how you care for them. If veneers turn out not suitable for your situation, you can choose different teeth restoration options.

2. Expected Teeth Sensitivity. Some patients reported having sensitivity during and after receiving dental veneers procedure. You can experience mild to moderate teeth sensitivity when you drink hot and cold. We suggest you avoid them while treatment is underway. To prevent discomfort due to teeth sensitivity, you can use desensitizing toothpaste.

3. Dental Veneers are costly compared to dental fillings. When choosing veneers, you need to be ready for this dental investment because this is a cosmetic procedure. The usual recommendation is 8 or 10 units per jaw to look even and shade-matched when receiving them. They usually come with a cost.

How are Ceramic veneers done?

1.) Pre-Operative Assessment. Before receiving dental veneers, we will discuss the possible options you need, whether this one or other cosmetic dental procedures. Discuss with the dentist the numbers (units) required on your case. Depending on how wide your smile shows, you could need either 8 or 10 pieces per jaw. Suppose your teeth are uneven or severely crooked; consider doing braces before them. If you have a heavy biting or grind your teeth while sleeping, a tougher material or dental crown might be offered.

2.) Photographs. We need to take pictures of your teeth, your smile, how they show and how they relate to your face overall. We want to give you an enhanced smile that will not dominate your entire face. Enough balance. Just something nice to show when you smile. Because even how beautiful they seem to look when the proportion is not correct, you will have a “toothy smile.”

3.) X-ray evaluation. The dentist will require X-rays on the initial stage to check and verify your teeth’ condition. We will look for signs of decay, gum problem, or tooth nerve involvement. If we find out that you have prevailing situations that need attention, we will put the process on hold. Doing initial works first before proceeding to veneers, or we can do them simultaneously.


4.) Shade Selection & Size Consideration. Following evaluation and assuming you are an ideal veneer recipient, we will choose the right shade for you. Let us know if you want bleach white or natural teeth color shade. We try to visualize the perceived width and length.

5.) Teeth Preparation.  We will do sanding of the front portion of your teeth enamel. With a handpiece, we will drill your teeth by about .5 mm. If we need to do “gum lifting,” we can do them at this time.

6.) Rubber Impression. After the teeth prep., a rubber impression is used to get the precise mold. They should bear accurate details. The dental laboratory will fabricate the porcelain veneers. It takes around six to seven days to do them.

7.) Temporaries. They will serve as temporary cover while the actual veneers are being processed in the lab. (We will wait for around six days before we can do the trial fit of your veneers)

8.) Trial Unglazed. During this appointment, we will check for the color, shape, and fit to make sure they’re perfect for you

9.) Teeth Surface Conditioning. We will thoroughly clean the teeth surface that will receive the veneers. We need to remove food debris as it keeps bacteria from being confined under cosmetic restoration, which can induce future tooth decay.  We will create roughness on the teeth surfaces, making it easier for the veneer to adhere to them.

10.) Final Installation. We will fit in the polished and glazed veneers properly. This typically requires a little more than one hour. Using a reliable cement brand, we will mix it and apply it on the backside of the veneers. We will then place the thin shells (of veneers) onto your teeth, firmly holding until the cement hardens. We use a Light-cure emitting blue light to harden the cement quickly. After removing the excess adhesive, you are good to go and smile more.  

It will help to know that:

Compared to some dental cosmetic procedures, the recovery process on getting veneers won’t need a lengthy period.  Once they are cemented in place and local anesthetic wears off, you can use your teeth to eat as you would typically do. Just wait for the anesthetic to wear off before chewing to avoid biting your cheeks or lips unconsciously.  

If you noticed roughness days after your ceramic veneers are cemented, it could be extra cement. Don’t worry about it as it will be displaced eventually; if they don’t, you can go back to us so we can carefully remove the excess cement.

Porcelain veneers usually last between 7 to 10 years. Depending on how you care for them – they could either stay longer or be displaced earlier. Composite veneers can endure 5 to 7 years of service.  Take extra precautions to ensure getting a more extended lifespan of your dental veneer’s investment. These precautions include:

a. Avoid biting directly on hard items (ex: fingernails, ballpen, ice, pizza crust, toasted bread, nuts, etc.)
b. Use scissors to open packaging, sachets, or condiments – not your teeth.
c. Hard foods must be chewed at the back. Refrain from using your front teeth for chewing.
d. Cut into smaller pieces chocolate bars and other similar hard foods.
e. Bruxers (night grinding) are advised to wear a splint or nightguard to protect their teeth or veneers when sleeping
f. Wear a mouthguard if you indulge in contact sports.


Getting dental veneers implies a great decision and finances because it involves deluxe service; you need to be acquainted with different materials available when choosing them. Many other methods and kinds of dental veneers have emerged during recent years, each with its unique offering. We at Smile More Dental Clinic – Manila are committed to assisting patients in attaining the smile of their dreams. You can find below the kind of veneers we offer.

Composite Veneers are the cheapest from the list of these dental restorations. We can accomplish them in single dentists’ visit. They are made out of plastic or resin. The process comprises putting a composite resin layer to your teeth, then formed to the preferred length, thickness, and shape. They are placed layer by layer and hardened using a curing light. Then, finally, the composite is polished for that extra smoothness and radiance. Composite veneers are downright economical when compared to porcelain veneers. Even if they blend in quite well with your natural teeth color, they are susceptible to stains gradually and do not last as long. Although they look better, they are easily stained, chipped, or broken that might require occasional returns to the dentist for quick fixes and repairs. If you are considering quick and affordable veneers, this is the answer. They can last on average of 5 to 7 years.

Emax veneers are also referred to as Emax Laminate Veneers and are usually created from lithium disilicate glass-ceramic. This unique material presents relevant advantages. Emax materials are thinner and lighter compared to traditional porcelains. Since we will only shave less of the natural tooth structure, it can result in a comfortable and snug fit. Emax veneers are considerably stronger. Its desirable asset is its somewhat translucent display.  In contrast to ordinary porcelain that looks dull compared to natural teeth, Emax veneers closely resemble natural teeth. They blend better and allow you to face the world with a smile that looks and feels natural. Veneers done from this durable component can last averaging from 7 to 10 years or more with the proper care. The only maintenance they need is to brush and floss your teeth and get regular dental checkups. You can gain from having Emax Veneers and our dentist’s outstanding level of experience, proficiency, and artistry. Prospective patients are welcome to visit Smile More Dental Clinic to find out more about this cosmetic dental treatment.

Zirconia Veneers are the most recent contender to the veneers list. They are lauded as 100% biocompatible material (harmless to the biological system). They have a similar composition to non-metallic medical joint replacements. Zirconia is solid without having the bulky appearance of porcelain. They are recognized to be resistant to wear and harder to crack. Zirconia material has flexural endurance compared to glass-ceramic dental materials currently on the market, making it an unrivaled choice for bruxism (night-grinding) patients. Zirconia veneers’ natural appearance is formed by milling from pressed solid blocks with no voids and imperfection-free. Zirconia veneers are finished by baking at very high temperatures to develop a gleaming surface that is appealing and virtually indestructible. Dentists often use resin ionomer cement in attaching Zirconia veneers that create an excellent bond to the natural tooth structure. Except for few reported cases of them being displaced due to accidentally biting hard foods,  we can quickly cement them back.  Because they can resist cracking under strain, they can last for 10 to 15 years and even more. So, if interested in availing yourself of this type of veneer, contact us at +632 8 254-3773, so we can have you booked a convenient schedule with our attentive cosmetic dentist.

Suppose you are from Manila, Makati, Mandaluyong, Pasay, Paranaque, Quezon City, Caloocan, Valenzuela, or maybe just looking for a dentist near you to help with your dental cosmetic issue. In that case, we welcome you here at Smile More Dental Clinic in Ermita, Manila. We take pleasure in assisting you find the appropriate Dental Veneers Restoration that will make your smile shine!

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